New Hampshire residential window treatment by Advanced Solar Protection provides a variety of manual shades in a different of styles and materials to sharpen the roof of your home.Excess sunlight has a dramatic impact your home’s temperature and causes your furnishings to fade. Residential window treatments by Lutron®, Somfy® QMotion®, and Hunter Douglas® are an elegant way to improve the look of your home while also making it more energy efficient. Motorized window shading systems make it easy to automate just how much sunlight comes into your home and when.

Wireless and virtually noise free motorized window shades give you push button solar control from anywhere in your home. With a variety of mesh solar shades and blackout shades available, your family can enjoy a constant state of comfort and privacy without any hassle.

Advanced Solar Protection also carries a full line of manual shades in a variety of styles and materials to improve your home in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Greater Boston.

lutronLutron® Motorized Window Shades® – Residential Window Treatments:
Experience “The Essence of Pleasance™.” Pleasance describes feelings like comfort, romance, and peace of mind. The cornerstone for pleasance is lighting. With Lutron® motorized window shades, you have total control over the natural light in your house.

Our New Hampshire residential window treatment services offer automatic daylight control. Shading goes from ordinary to magical with Lutron’s Sivoia QS Wireless® automated shades. These home window treatments offer automatic daylight control, and you can make adjustments from a Pico remote or from your iOS or Android smartphone. The system even integrates with an optional Honeywell thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature of your home by controlling incoming sunlight.

Qmotion-LogoQMotion® Motorized Window Shades® | New Hampshire Window Treatment:
With QMotion® home window treatments, you have a direct wire to any window in your home or office—without any wires. QMotion® motorized shades allow you to control the sunlight in every part of your home with the push of a button. QMotion® motorized shades install without the need for any wiring, so setup is easy and low cost. Best-in-class standard battery life means you’ll enjoy up to 5 years of daily operation without the need for any maintenance.

Link all of your QMotion® devices with QConnect: a central hub for the motorized shades in your home that easily pairs with most building and home control systems. You can also control your QMotion® window shades from your iOS or Android smartphone.

Choose between blackout (sunlight blocking), solar (sunlight reducing) or custom printed shades with a unique design. QMotion® motorized shades offer a dual control feature that allows you to operate them electronically or manually. Also available are Qbasic® manual shades with no motors, an affordable way to add style and comfort to your rooms.

somfySomfy Motorized Window Shades® – A Residential Window Treatment:
Somfy® is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialized motors and control systems. Somfy® Home Motion systems power motorized blinds, roller shutters, shades, solar screens, draperies and awnings.

Somfy® Home Motion systems can be automated, changing with the time, temperature or solar conditions. This allows your home to manage heat loss and gain, glare, harmful UV rays and privacy without ever reaching for a window cord. In fact, you can control your Somfy Motorized Window Shades® from the TaHoma app on your iOS or Android device.

Advanced Solar Protection specialty is designing the perfect Somfy® installation to solve any residential window problem. Contact us today for a free diagnosis. Somfy® motors and controls are backed by a 5 year warranty.

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