New Hampshire window film installation and products such as Enerlogic window film are backed with a life time warranty.EnerLogic® Window Film (by VISTA®) – New Hampshire Window Tinting Solutions:
Thanks to the recent breakthrough of EnerLogic® window film, homeowners and businesses have discovered a simple solar solution that allows them to save on utility costs with the windows they already have: EnerLogic® window film.

Here are two of the most common window problems: windows let in solar and radiant heat when you want to keep the house cool and let heat escape when you want to stay warm. This low-emissivity (Low-E) hybrid film technology directs heat back to the source to keep air conditioning costs down in the summer, and reflects 92% of heat back inside during the winter. EnerLogic® window film lets you enjoy the benefits of double pane windows at a fraction of the cost.

EnerLogic® window film products by VISTA® are so durable that they are backed by a transferable lifetime warranty.

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